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Hey, I'm Nicole!

I'm a Canadian Professional Squash Association player (world ranking of #56), NASM Certified Personal Trainer, Precision Nutrition L1 Nutrition Coach, and self-proclaimed training geek!

I also love wearing short shorts, curling up on a comfy couch in a full grey sweatsuit (the "gr-outfit") and watching Band of Brothers or any Amanda Bynes movie.


Quirks aside, I’m not your normal squash pro or gym trainer. I use my experience as a professional squash player and certified trainer to create effective, no-BS training programs for squash players. 

After graduating in 2015 as an All-American and with my degree in Biology from Princeton University, I began working as a personal trainer & group fitness coach in New York City. While I trained clients full-time and coached squash on the side, I was also rehabbing my own injuries, having recently had knee surgery and been in a car accident.


By learning how to train smart and effectively, I was able to make a full recovery, and begin playing on the PSA world tour. 

Since 2015, I have trained clients of all ages & levels, coached squash to juniors, masters players, and die-hard enthusiasts, all while playing professionally on the world tour. 



In 2020, the concept of Squashletic (originally “Nicole Bunyan Squash & Fitness”) was created.

Unable to train on court, coach clients, or compete in tournaments, I sat quarantined in my apartment and contemplated how I could help squash players keep (or get) fit for their return to squash.


Other pros and coaches were running live zoom workouts, and while it was a good short-term fix, I realized it wasn’t sustainable, or going to help squash players fitness levels in the long run. 

So, in June, I impulsively ran a 10-day challenge for squash players, where I posted workout videos online. I had a few takers, and over the next few months I began to expand and explore the online training space, to see how I could create accessible, valuable training content for squash players. 


Squashletic means training to become more athletic for squash! 

Note I didn't use the term “squash specific”. When people think of “squash specific” they think of trying to replicate exact movements that happen in squash in the gym. If you solely use that reasoning as your basis for exercises and workouts, you’ll be missing out on a lot of aspects of training which will help you improve your foundation as an athlete, and therefore increase your potential!


 We do this by incorporating all of the aspects that you need to play squash and raise your game, including mobility, strength, conditioning, power, speed and on-court movement- not just 100 different kinds of lunges. 

Want to see what it's all about? Click the button below to check it out for yourself!



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