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If you are serious about improving your game, and want a plan that is tailored around your goals, schedule, and abilities, then custom programming is for you!

This is a great option for keen amateurs, aspiring juniors, or avid masters athletes who are seeking more structure, accountability, and direction in their training, 


Initial Consultation & Goal Setting

The first step is to get to know each other better and determine what you want to achieve! We'll have an initial consultation, where I'll ask you about your training history & goals, and potentially go through a short movement screen as well. I'll also take you through my detailed Goal Setting process to help you get clear on what you want to achieve, and why you want to achieve it. (My job is to help you with the "how")!

1:1 Check-in's & Text Support

Each month we will have a formal check-in via phone or Facetime to review your progress and plan for the upcoming program. In addition, you have access to message me anytime regarding the workouts, your training plan, or any issues that may arise. I'm here to help you get the most out of your training experience, and I WANT to hear from you!

Mentorship & Consulting

Have questions about college recruitment? Having difficulty making the time to get your sessions in? Or do you need some advice regarding preparation for an upcoming tournament? These are all integral parts of your journey as a squash player, and I'm here to help guide you so you can keep moving forward and progressing! 

Custom Online Program

After our initial consultation, I'll program & schedule your workouts for you to follow in the Trainerize app. The app lets us communicate directly, and allows me to see exactly what you've logged in each of your sessions. The workouts are easy to follow, and each exercise has a video demonstration and description, so you'll never have to Google anything!

Nutrition Guidance

A solid training program needs to be fueled properly, right? My goal is to help you become aware of your current eating habits, and help you develop better, more sustainable habits, so you can make more nutritious food choices. 

Match/Technical Analysis

Just because we're not working together in person, doesn't mean I can't assess & analyze your technique! Every month, I'll analyze ~40 minutes of either technique or match play and provide detailed feedback. This helps me see how you are progressing, and gives you more focus and attention to detail in your training.

Hear What Clients Have to Say!


Bruce G (Masters Player from New York, NY)

“I’ve been working with Nicole for 1.5 years now, and I feel rejuvenated. My covid fitness-blues are gone, many aches and pains have disappeared.  Her caring, thoughtful and dedicated approach leave me convinced I’m on the path to a solid squash foundation (at last!)"



  • 1-2 workouts/week

  • 1:1 text support

  • Nutrition guidance

  • Video analysis

  • $275 USD/month

For those athletes who are looking for structure & guidance, and want to add in 1-2 sessions per week to their training schedule. 

Ex: 1 Strength + 1 Conditioning session


  • 3-4 workouts/week

  • 1:1 text support

  • Nutrition guidance

  • Video analysis

  • $325 USD/month

For athletes who want to add 3-4 sessions to their training schedule per week.

Ex: 1 strength +1 solo hitting +1 ghosting session.


  • 6-7 workouts/week

  • 1:1 text support

  • Nutrition guidance

  • Video analysis

  • $375 USD/month

For athletes who want help fully planning every day of training. 

Ex: 2 Strength + 2 Solo & Ghosting sessions + 1 Conditioning sessions + 1 Recovery session

1:1 virtual training sessions are available only for custom clients, at an additional cost of $75 USD/45 minutes, or $95 USD/hour. 


If you're interested in customized programming, or would like more info, please drop me a message below!

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