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Thank you to those who support me in pursuit of my journey as a professional squash player!



Squash Canada is the national governing body for the sport in Canada. I am currently an AAP carded member of the National Team, and am grateful for the financial assistance and resources that are provided to me.
For more information about Squash Canada, and to learn more about the athletes, check out their website!

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Tecnifibre is a French manufacturer of sporting equipment, which specializes in tennis and squash. It is arguably the most popular and reliable brand in the squash world. The number of players worldwide that play with Tecnifibre racquets and string speaks volumes about their commitment to producing quality equipment.


Body Space Fitness is a boutique fitness studio, specializing in private/semi-private training and small group classes. BSF is where my journey as a personal trainer in New York City began, and it is where I learned nearly everything I know about human performance and coaching. After 2.5 years working at BSF as a coach, I quit to pursue professional squash full-time. Although I no longer work there, I have remained one of the family, and have been fortunate to continue to train at their world-class facilities, amongst the best coaches in the game.



Base PT is a physical therapy practice which specializes in both highly individualized and highly effective rehabilitation. I first became acquainted with Base when I was working as a coach at Body Space Fitness, as their offices are on the same floor. Base has always been kind enough to help BSF coaches through their injuries, and I have been fortunate enough to benefit from this on several occasions. During the 2018-2019 season, I sustained an overuse injury, which refused to subside, no matter how much self-treatment and soft tissue therapy I sought. I was at my wit's end and considering paying for a private MRI, when Nina (Base's founder) heard of this and offered to treat me. With her diagnosis and guidance, I fully recovered, and was able to resume training properly again. I can't thank Base enough for their expertise and support over the past few years!

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