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Stop Googling "squash specific fitness", and piecing together random Youtube workouts in hopes of improving your squash fitness.

The Squashletic Training Membership is designed to help you solve all of your biggest squash fitness woes, whether it's conditioning, movement, strength, or mobility. 

Improving Your Squash Fitness Seems Simple...

"I'll go on some runs, crush a few circuits, and start playing a few times a week. Maybe I'll add in a few lunges for good measure, and then I'll be set!". 


The problem? If you're like most squash players, you don't know what to focus on in your training.

Sure, you could probably benefit from getting fitter and stronger, but how's your movement quality? Are you able to execute shots consistently? Do you find your nagging injuries keep reappearing? 


Furthermore, even if you know what you need to improve upon in your game, how do you go about actually solving the issue? You're probably all too aware that your movement puts you at a disadvantage, or you gas out too easily during hard rallies, but how do you actually train in order to consistently improve these areas? 


This is exactly what I've seen and heard from squash players over the past few years... 

No matter how many squash clinics you attend, HIIT classes you do, or runs you slog through, you still find yourself gassing out in long rallies or at the business end of games...


Or you finally get yourself on a consistent training schedule, and as soon as you start to make some progress, your stubborn, niggling hip/knee/back injury crops up again...  


The truth is, randomly piecing together workouts or simply playing squash 6 times a week isn't going to set you up for a successful squash season. And let's be real- you don't want to be wasting any more time, energy, or money hacking together your training to improve your squash.


Kristin (Ohio, USA)



For the past few years, I’ve been helping squash players like yourself get stronger, fitter, and training properly, so that you're ready to crush your squash goals (and your competition!). 


And since my past clients have been experiencing continued success and improvement, I couldn't be more excited to release the exact same methods to the rest of the squash world! 

The Squashletic Training Membership!


An online squash training membership for squash players who want to train consistently, recover better, and improve their performance on court.


Perfect for aspiring juniors, keen amateurs, and masters players!


  • Become aware of what you need to improve upon the most in your game

  • Set goals for your training and follow step-by-step workouts to achieve them

  • Follow a professionally planned training program and workouts to improve ALL aspects of the game (strength, conditioning, flexibility/mobility, power, speed, agility, on-court movement, hitting)

  • Get stronger without spending hours in the gym, or needing tons of crazy equipment (even if you're a newbie!)

  • Improve your conditioning so you no longer gas out in long rallies or in the 5th game

  • Move more efficiently around the court 

  • Train on and off court by yourself (no partner, no problem!) 

  • Warm up, cool down, and recover optimally to ensure you're getting the most out of each session, and able to train consistently (without injuries & setbacks!)

  • Manage your training better so you don't burn out by Wednesday. 

  • Improve the quality of your sessions so you actually improve every week







(value $75/Mo)

Each month you'll receive a *brand new* training program, which will include 1-2 strength workouts, 1-2 conditioning workouts, 1-2 on court sessions, as well as well as warm ups, cool downs, and specific mobility sessions.

You’ll also receive an overview of the logic behind the training program, and how you can adapt it to suit your schedule and training goals!

(Value $50/mo)

 Want to switch things up, or simply revisit an old favourite workout from a previous month? The workout library features ALL of the past workouts, so you can easily choose any workout of your liking. The monthly program gives you structure, and the workout library gives you the flexibility of choosing your own session depending on your goals, equipment, time availability, and preferences.

(VALUE $20/mo)

In addition to the monthly program, I'll also release a new lesson/resource every month to help you enhance your training and knowledge! These range from in-depth exercise tutorials, to mental techniques, to other specific training tips. These resources are designed to help you get the most out of yourself both on and off the court!

(VALUE $75)

The Progress Path is your personal guide to succeeding as a Squashletic member! 
The Progress Path will help you determine where you are in your journey as a squash athlete, set realistic goals, and help you get to where you want to be, by outlining a realistic and achievable plan that you can follow. 

(Also, did I mention the Progress Path is *unique* to Squashletic? You won't find a resource like this anywhere else!)

 ONLINE COMMUNITy for support & feedback
(VALUE $30/mo)

You may be training solo, but you’re not alone when you're part of the Squashletic fam! Stay motivated & receive feedback throughout your journey  via the community feature. This is where you can ask me questions, receive feedback, and connect/engage with other members!

(VALUE $200+)

My friend and chef, Kenzie Osborne, has created a recipe booklet especially for Squashletic, to give you fresh inspiration for healthier, easy to make recipes that will fuel your training!

This Means That Each Month, You'll Get...

  1. done-for-you training program designed to help you improve your performance on court.

  2. A *new* digital training resource to supplement your training, recovery, and/or performance.

  3. Clear direction for your training, so you continue to progress (say goodbye to training ruts!)

  4. Full access to a workout library (which will grow every month!)

  5. Support from me via the online community (not to mention, an online community of fellow squash geeks!)

The Squashletic Promise

If you’re not 100% satisfied with Squashletic, you can cancel anytime. (But remember- if you cancel and want to re-join, you will be subject to the current rate, not your original rate!).

  Because of the nature of digital products, no refunds will be issued. 


The Squashletic Training Membership is only open at the Founding Member's price for a limited time...

Since this is the first *ever* launch of the Squashletic Training Membership, I'm opening it up at a special discounted price for Founding Members for a limited period of time. Once the Founding Member Launch has ended, the price will rise and never be that low ever again!

Oh, and the sweetest part of the deal? If you join as a Founding Member, you'll be locked in at that low monthly rate for as long as you remain a member in good standing! 



How much time is required every week?

How often you want to train is completely up to you! In the monthly program, there will be ~5 days of scheduled training. However, depending on what Stage of the Progress Path you are at, you may want to complete only 1 session per week, or up to 6 times per week! The duration of each session depends on the type- lasting anywhere from 5-60 minutes. 


Do I need to be an advanced squash player to complete the sessions and follow the program?

Nope, you will just need a basic understanding of technique and movement in order to complete the solo & ghosting sessions. The off court sessions can (and should!) be done by squash players of ANY level! (In fact, if you have only been playing squash for fitness, you will likely find the off court sessions quite beneficial and challenging!). 


I haven’t played squash or trained in a while… will these sessions be too intense for me?

The best part about this training program and these workouts is that it’s all scalable. If you’re an elite athlete, you could add these sessions on to your existing on-court training and look to really push yourself. Alternatively, if you are looking to use this program to simply gain consistency and structure in your training, it will also be perfect for that. I’ll show you how to structure your week if you want to train 3x/week or all 6, and also how to ramp up or scale back the intensity of your workouts. 


What happens if I miss a week (or a month)?

That’s the beauty of getting a new program every month, and also having access to the full workout library. You will never fall behind! If you do have a a bit of a break from training, simply ease your way back into it. 


I don’t have access to a gym or court! Can I still complete the sessions?

You will need access to some basic gym equipment (dumbbells/kettlebells, resistance bands/ cable machine) for most of the strength workouts, but will not need any machines. (Barbells can be used at your own discretion, but will not be programmed in the workouts).

Many of the workouts are done bodyweight or adapted as necessary.

The on-court sessions are best done on a squash court, but can be adapted to large areas/outdoor spaces if necessary. 


I’ve tried to stick to training programs before, but really struggle to follow through. What sort of accountability & support is there?

I won't lie- online training works best for those who are self-motivated and can get themselves to the gym/court to train without always needing someone there waiting for them. (Although, by all means- feel free to drag your training buddy along to join in a session!). 

So, if you're someone who likes to train, but needs structure and direction, this is perfect for you! And the Private Facebook group is always there to support you, whether you want to share your success in a session, or ask me a question about one of the sessions or exercises. 


What if I have injuries?

If you have any injuries which you think would be severely limiting, ask in the Facebook Group and I'll provide you with more detailed feedback. If you've got a particular injury or limitation, I can guarantee that someone else will have a similar issue, and could benefit from the answer as well! 


What if I want to cancel my membership?

Not a problem! You can cancel anytime. However, you won't be guaranteed your original rate if you want to rejoin. 


Do you have people who have had success with this program in the past?

Oh yes! Check out some of the great results that clients had in the previous program using this method!





Launching Early December 2021!

  • Monthly squash training program (value $75+/mo)

  • Full Workout Library (value $50+/mo)

  • Training Resource Library (value $20/mo)

  • Progress Path (value $75)

  • Group chat for support, advice, and community (value $50+)

  • BONUS: Recipe booklet of 40+ customized recipes for the Squashletic Membership (value $200)


Total Value: $250+ USD/month


I Hope You're As Excited As I Am!

Smart, hard, and consistent training can really be the difference between a confident, kick-ass squash season, and one that is plagued by injuries and stagnation. (Also, let’s face it- we’re all tired of scouring the internet for "squash workouts", or attempting half-hearted ghosting sessions, right?). 


The Squashletic Membership is a fool-proof plan which will show you how to train smart and consistently, so you can become the best squash player YOU can be.

I’m releasing my best training tips and experience into this membership so that you can feel motivated, energized, and accomplished throughout your personal squash journey!


Let’s get started!


Your coach,