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Best of 3: Identity Based Change, Your Biggest Asset

Welcome back to Best of 3!

It's been a while since I've sent a typical Best of 3 email, where I share 1 fitness tip, 1 tactical/technical tip, and 1 mental tip.

Since the season is in full swing, I've got more of these lessons top of mind to share with you!

Fitness Tip: Lungs & Lunges Circuit

Usually I share a fitness tip, but today I'm sharing a workout from the Squashletic Training app with you.

This workout, Lungs and Lunges, is an off court full-body circuit that will help you improve your cardio and strength, all in one.

Try this one on a non-squash day when you need a solid workout (or when traveling!). Minimal to no equipment is required.

Tactical: Your Biggest Asset

Question- What is the BIGGEST asset of your game?

In other words, what do you need to do every time you play to apply pressure on your opponent?

Do you...

  • Volley like an animal and play at a ferocious pace?

  • Hit the ball hard and aggressively?

  • Retrieve every single ball possible?

  • Outsmart your opponent tactically?

  • Manage & slow down the pace of the game?

Mental: Identity Based Change

Continuing on from above, take this asset and turn it into an identity:

  • I am a ferocious volleyer!

  • I am a relentless retriever

  • I am a smart squash player

... you get the idea.

To help behaviours or habits stick, it can be helpful to reframe them as part of your identity. (I learned this from James Clear's book, Atomic Habits).

Happy training,


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