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The 3 Steps Everyone Can (and Should!) Take to Train Like an Athlete

Updated: Aug 12, 2020

The last 5+ years have led me to this, and I couldn't be more excited...

Welcome to the first blog post of my new website! If you're new to my page, thanks for stopping by! If you've been following me and my squash, fitness, and nutrition journey (maybe even since the Squash on Squash blog days), welcome to "the blog, 2.0"!

I first started my online fitness presence in 2014, when I started my health and fitness blog, Squash on Squash. I posted religiously (at its peak, sometimes 2x a day!) about my life as a college athlete, squash player, and fitness enthusiast.

When I graduated, I began working as a personal trainer in New York City, coaching squash, and training for the pro squash tour. It was busy, and I was learning a ton, so I didn't have much time or mental energy to write blog posts.

Now, after those 5 years (what?!?!) of personal training & squash coaching in New York City, training on and off court, and competing in tournaments all over the world, I'm excited to start this next chapter and share what I've learned about training, nutrition, and mindset.

What does it mean to "Train Like an Athlete?"

If that phrase excites, you... you are in the right place! If it intimidates you a little, don't worry... just keep following along, and you'll find out that treating your training, nutrition, and mindset like an athlete would is, in my opinion, the most motivating and fulfilling way to live out your athletic dreams & pursuits!

In my opinion, the athlete strategy for ANYONE includes the following:

  1. You set goals

  2. Then you have a plan to achieve those goals

  3. You prioritize the steps in the plan to achieve those goals

  4. Optional (but highly recommend): you have a coach/mentor/community who provides feedback!

It DOESN'T have to mean:

  1. waking up at 5 am every day to run and doing endless hours of training

  2. eating squeaky clean 100% of the time

  3. guzzling protein shakes

  4. setting a record every single workout (recovery days ARE a thing!!)

Also, have I mentioned the UPSIDES of training like an athlete?

  1. It'll help you be more motivated! (Goals + accountability...!)

  2. You CAN get strong and fit- even if you don't train like a maniac 2x a day

  3. Feel more confident in the gym or court AND in "normal" life

  4. Aesthetics... (wonder why athletes have muscle definition? They're consistent!)

There's definitely more upsides than what I just mentioned, but honestly, you'll just have to see for yourself!

My favourite thing about training like an athlete?

Because you have goals and a plan, you're focused on the bigger picture.

It's tough to see that when you're exhausted after a hard session or a long day, but when you do this stuff consistently, it PAYS OFF!

On start to feel a little quicker on court, and you've got more energy to push through tough rallies. You recover quicker in between games. Your usual nagging injuries aren't holding you back anymore. Maybe you sneak a game against a guy who usually crushes you 3-0!

Off court... you've got more energy to spend quality time with your family. You're more confident at work, and finally sleeping better. Perhaps you're feeling more motivated to fuel yourself with more nourishing food, because you can feel how much it's helping your game!

Is training like an athlete complicated?

There's a lot of information on training, nutrition/diets, and sports psychology out there, but training like an athlete doesn't have to be complicated!

In my opinion, there are 3 main aspects or pillars to achieving athletic success:

1) Training (this includes recovery!)

2) Nutrition (how you fuel yourself)

3) Mindset (how you view your goals & training)

When you prioritize your goals, the training, nutrition, and mindset go hand in hand and create a positive cycle. (More on that in another post!).

Okay, that's all for now! If you want to stay up to date on new blog posts and *exclusive* offers/discounts for the upcoming programs, be sure to sign up for the mailing list! (Trust me, I won't spam you... I know no one wants to receive another "newsletter"!).

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