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Holiday Gift Guide: Squash Player Edition

Struggling to find a last minute gift for the squash player in your life? Look no further! I've created this holiday gift guide to help you pick out the perfect gift or stocking stuffer for them 😊.

I've also included links wherever possible to my recommendations. I don't receive any affiliate commission for any purchases you may make- I just want to direct you to my favourite products and businesses!



  • Goggles ($50+)

I personally don't wear goggles right now (except for coaching sometimes, or for doubles of course), but most players in the US and all juniors wear them!

My picks:

- Ria

  • Squash Shoes ($80-$175)

There's a reason I always travel with my squash shoes in my carry on bag. Most squash players are very particular about footwear, so if you know that your friend/child/partner/parent is desperate for some new squash shoes, consider snooping through their squash bag and ordering them a new pair!

My favourite brand: Asics

My shoe: Asics Gel Blade

My shoe source: Control the T sports

  • Racquet ($100-$200+)

This is a bit of a larger expense, but one that a squash player would certainly appreciate, especially if he/she/they currently don't have more than one of the same racquet.

My favourite brand: Harrow


  • Mini Foam roller ($20+)

A great tool for a squash player who needs to prioritize recovery & regeneration! I'd recommend the shorter one over the longer one as it takes up less space, is easier to transport to the courts, or keep in the car.

My pick: Trigger Point

  • Massage ball ($20)

I love traveling with my orb instead of lugging around my foam roller. It takes up less space, and is great for lower body trigger point work.

  • Massage gift certificate ($75+)

Who doesn't love a nice massage at the end of a hard training week?!

  • Physio gift certificate ($75+)

Try to choose a physio who will spend their time in-session WITH the client... assessing, treating, and then giving them exercises to do on their own. Personally, I despise PT's who poke & prod for a couple minutes, then send you on your way and tell you to come back next week! In my opinion, a good PT will have you feeling a bit better after leaving their office, and will help you have a more positive outlook on your rehab journey by giving you exercises to do as homework.

  • Pedicure gift certificate ($30+)

Every athlete needs their feet to be in good shape. Getting a pedicure can not only make your feet look nicer, but also take care of pesky ingrown toenails (eek!) and bothersome calluses.


Perfect for a squash player who is keen to improve their fitness but needs direction and structure. There are over 12 programs to choose from (and a new one is released every month), as well as over 155 workouts inside the app, including warm ups, mobility sessions, strength workouts, conditioning & interval sessions, ghosting, and solo hitting. You'll never be at a los for what to do! To check it out and sign up, click here!

If you or someone you know wants to level up, but is struggling with accountability or injuries, and needs a customized plan, 1:1 coaching is the best option!

Click here to learn more about my personalized online coaching, and email me at if you'd like to schedule a call to see if it's a good fit!

  • A squash lesson

An intro squash lesson with a pro could be a fantastic gift for a keen squash player who only plays matches and does the occasional drilling session. It'll give them some direction and something to work on on their own!

  • Books

To some, gifting a book can seem like a cop out, but I personally think that the right book for someone can be a very personal and helpful gift! Here are some of my favourites:

Favourite inspiring book for female squash players: All In by Laura Massaro

Favourite Actionable Sports Psychology book: Be Champion Minded by Allistair McCaw

Favourite book to inspire hard work & a no BS attitude: David Goggins: Can't Hurt Me

Favourite sports psych book if you like learning through athlete's personal stories: How Bad do You Want it by Matt Fitzgerald


Easy little gifts you can use to top up stockings, or for secret Santa at your club!

  • Grips

You can never have enough squash grips. Enough said.

My recommendation: Harrow

Popular: Karakal

  • Minibands

Great for warm ups! Glutes, core, and shoulders can benefit from these minibands.

My pick: Perform Better

  • Lacrosse massage ball

Excellent for trigger point work to help release/relax areas of tension, and also easily transportable!

My pick: Kieba

  • Tripod

A mini tripod is a very useful gift for any player who wants to video their practice, solo, or matches so they can watch it back and analyze their performance. I love using these for my own practices, and they're really helpful for my clients who do virtual sessions.

  • Protein bars

The ideal grab-and-go snack for post practice! They're delicious, easily transportable, and great for staving off post-training hunger. I love having a protein bar after training if I know I'm not going to be having a meal for over hour after finishing the session.

My favourite with 20+ grams of protein: Barebells (Cookies n Creme flavour is great!)

My favourite "snack size" which is fewer than 160 kcal: Fulfill Nutrition (personal pick is Chocolate Hazelnut)

  • Electrolyte mixes

Individual packets of electrolytes are super convenient to keep in your squash bag, and most brands are also really tasty!

  • Headbands & sweatbands

Whether it's a gift to get your sweaty squash-playing friend to "take a hint", or they wear sweatbands all the time, it doesn't matter: you can never have enough sweatbands.

My pick: Halo headbands

  • Set of string

Most non-professionals won't carry their own set of string, but if you're finding yourself either breaking strings often (more than 1x/month), OR you are getting overcharged for string by your stringing service, it's worth having your own!


I hope this list was helpful in finding your squash playing friend or loved one a special gift! Happy holidays, and I wish you all the success in the new year!


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