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How to Combine Weight Loss & Squash Performance

It all boils down to these two things:

What you eat should either:

FUEL you up, or

FILL you up

But... what does this actually mean?

FUELING up means eating foods that will help you perform in your training sessions (ie. protein for energy and recovery, carbohydrates for energy, veggies for vitamins, minerals, fiber, and volume, and healthy fats for a bit of flavour and satiety).

When it comes to fueling your performance, you need enough energy to last you throughout your sessions. You also need enough carbohydrates to give you some OOMPH! Without these two key factors, your sessions are going to fall flat.

FILLING up means eating foods that are going to satiate you (ie not crackers and cheese for lunch that leaves you hangry 1 hour later).

When it comes to weight loss, it’s about consuming fewer calories than you’re burning. Creating this energy deficit (in the correct way) is what creates fat loss.​ The key to maintaining athletic performance while achieving fat loss to strike the balance of fueling enough without adding “unnecessary” calories (like desserts, alcohol, or other high calorie foods that don’t fill you up).

​If you eat the right way (with a structure, NOT a diet plan), you can not only achieve this weight loss, but actually feel GOOD while doing it, and more importantly SUSTAIN it once you’re done with the weight loss phase.

​Having this simple but effective meal structure is what’s helped me and now lots of my clients be able to lean out, get fitter and stronger, feel/look better, and most importantly not STRESS about food & dieting.​

If you want to improve your nutrition, check out this free guide I made! A couple times a year, I run a 6-week training & nutrition program called Squash Shape, designed to help you develop better nutrition habits and feel better on and off court! This free guide will give you a little kickstart on your own, and also give you more insight into the principles of the program.

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