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My #1 Tip for Staying Accountable in Your Training

True story:

Yesterday afternoon in Victoria, BC, it was snowing, the temperature outside was -5 Celcius, and I'd been up since 5 am thanks to jet lag.

I was freeeeezing and all I wanted was to do was curl up on the couch and do some work for Squashletic (hehe, yes that's my idea of fun!).

Instead, I had my dad drop me off at the gym while he went grocery shopping. This way I knew that I had to get the session done within an hour (50 mins to be exact), and didn't have any time to waste.

And while doing that definitely helped me get started, want to know what made the BIGGEST difference between me doing a good session and an average one?

Having a workout plan to follow.

Let me ask you this...

...How many times do you waste time & mental energy at the gym trying to decide WHAT to do?

...And then, when you actually do end up doing something, do you change your mind if it ends up being harder than expected?

... or do you feel half-committed to doing it?

Let me tell you, those inner negotiations do more damage than you think!

My solution:

This is why if I'm feeling indecisive or a bit unmotivated, I have my workout planned and most importantly- WRITTEN DOWN before I step into the gym.

Furthermore, I have my strength coach from Body Space Fitness program the session so I don't wimp out and just favour things I'm good at... . (Yes, even coaches have their OWN coaches!).

So here's your reminder- if you feel like you've fallen "off track" or you're just not being consistent, try having a session written down beforehand.

And if you want to take that to the next level, have a weekly training plan!

Need help with a plan and done-for-you squash workouts?

Come join the Squashletic Training Academy! It's only $29/month, and you can easily cancel anytime.

Start training better TODAY- don't wait until 2023!!

Your coach, Nicole

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